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Article Do I need an IP number for every website I host?
No, one IP number can be used to host an unlimited number of websites.
Views: 518
Article Does my server support SSL?
You can install SSL certificates on your dedicated server for your website customers to...
Views: 507
Article How many IPs are available per server?
We provide two IPs per server (main IP plus one additional IPs) free of charge. If you...
Views: 1136
Article How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?
There are no limits on the number of websites you can host, however it is sensible not...
Views: 1085
Article What can I install on my dedicated server?
You can install anything you want to, as long as it is not illegal!
Views: 563
Article What can I use a dedicated server for?
Dedicated servers can be used for a variety of Internet facing applications including:...
Views: 585
Article What is the minimum contract period?
The minimum and standard contract period is 1 month. We require a 15 days cancellation notice...
Views: 602
Article What operating system (OS) comes installed on your servers?
Our standard preinstalled OS is CentOS 5.2. We can also install other operating systems but their...
Views: 561
Article Why do I need a dedicated server?
With a dedicated server you get your own independent machine, which can be configured,...
Views: 546

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